Interview with Samah, Art Director of Label Paolo Gelb.

Editorial Team: „Dear Samah, it is very nice that you have found the time. 
Much happens, one has the feeling, that the Label Paolo Gelb explodes with inspiration and creativity.“ 
Samah: „Yes, much happend, and even we could hardly believe the speed. Again and again opportunities come along from which we create new ideas. Dreams become ideas, ideas become visions and we love, to transform and realize them and as many people as possible to participate in it. We integrate them and from that all new projects arise.” 
Editorial Team: „What are your next goals or should i say your visions? What are your actual plans?“ 
Samah: „Well, currently we exhibit the newest works of Paolo Gelb in New York. Following they will be seen in Florence and in the United Arab Emirates. And at the end of the year we plan Berlin. A big Event, and on this we all work frenetic, should start this year in Salzburg and then move to Vienna. It will be the continuation of “A sky full of dreams”. It all began with an installation at Paolo’s very dear friend Nhut La Hong (Remark Editorial team: Noble designer from vienna). 
Now we continue this.”

Interposed question editorial team: „May we know more accurate?“ 

Samah: „We don’t want to reveal anything yet. Just this: It will be a exhibiton form which was never seen before, insane, strange, generation connecting and full of emotions… like our slogan: …do you feel it?“ 
Editorial Team: „So our interview is under the tagline: Paolo Gelb Webdesign Award 2013. What is it all about?“ 
Samah (smiles): „Alteration, no stagnation, progression… visions… our total occuring must adapt to the time and new alignments. The label Paolo Gelb is not only painting, writing and designing… we became more complex and due to this we not only have to adapt the catalogs and business cards but also our web presence. So came the idea, that we want to give the chance to young and creative, like us, Webdesigners to participate at our success.“ 
Editorial Team: „How will or should it exactly look like?“ 
Samah: „Well, we will make a worldwide announcement for Website-Designing and Programming. Every full-aged Creative can participate on it. Certainly he must confront himself with our label, inform himself about and design a layout which suits to us. The best 2 concept proposals will be rated by Paolo Gelb, the Designer will be invited to Vienna and first prize is 18.336,00 € and the option to become our website administrator.“ 
Editorial Team: „An idea appropriate to your Label and apperently, exactly like Paolo Gelb… crazy and good!“ 
Samah: „Thank you. You know we are young and want to change the world with the means of our time, with our emotions and the possibilities which art give to us.“ 
Editorial Team: „How and when can the interesed apply?“ 
Samah: „Countdown starts right now. As i said, every full-aged who is creative, can program, want to meet new challanges and want to grow with a young and dynamic creative label can apply via email to: 
Entry deadline is April 07,2013. 
Then comes the preselection. The Design’s must be presented. The implementation must be discussed and on May 03, 2013 the winner of the „Paolo Gelb Web Design Award 2013“ will be presented and invited to Vienna. It will be a real Hypercrash. 
Interposed question editorial team: „A Hypercrash?“ 
Samah: Yes, a word, which was created by Paolo Gelb and basically not only to describe a highlight in life but also the emotional explosion that this is causing. 
Editorial Team: „Dear Samah, There was a lot of fun and it was extremly interesting to talk to you. We wish you, the label Paolo Gelb and certainly the designerst hat you not only reaching fort he stars but also that you let them glow for us all like a shooting star.“

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